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The Basics

Types of Wine and Basic Pairings

White wines

Riesling- (Rees-ling) Is a lot lighter than a Chardonnay wine. Not only is this wine made with grapes but fresh apples and it has a fresh and aromatic flavor. Riesling is produced in many different regions, Germany being one of the best. It has a nice sweet and not a lot of acidity for a lovely balance. This is the kind of wine that goes well with fish, chicken and pork dishes.

Gewurztraminer- (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener) This is a fruity but dry wine with many different aromas such as peach, rose petal and allspice. This is best served with grilled sausages, Pork or Asian food.

Chardonnay- (Shar-doe-nay) Is a very favored wine because of its velvety rich fruit flavors. Such There are hints of melon, grapefruit and lemon. Not to mention the new oak barrels itís stored in that give it a creaminess and the taste of toffee, coconut, vanilla and toast. This is wonderful to pair with fish and chicken.

Sauvignon Blanc- (So-vee-nyon Blah) New Zealand is one of the best producers of this type of wine because of the climate. This too is lighter than a Chardonnay wine. It show characteristics of grass and bell pepper. It has flavors that range from apples, gooseberries, blackcurrant, mango pear, and melon. This wine compliments poultry, seafood and salads.†† ††

Red wines

Syrah (Sah-ra or (Shi-Raz)- This is French wine made from blackcurrants with a taste of black pepper spice. It also has toffee tones from the oak barrel that itís stored in. This wine is best paired with wild game, stews, beef and steak.

Merlot (Mer-lo)-This is the easiest wine to drink, and it pairs well with any foods. Merlot is produced in the United States West coast and in Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Ka-ber-nay So-vee-nyon)- This is a mixture of cabernet franc and merlot. Most of the time it getís stored in an oak barrel and it better when aged. . It is a full bodied wine that is best served with red meat.

Pinot Noir (Pee-no-Nwar)- The pinot noir is one of the hardest grapes to grow. It is produced in California, Oregon, New Zealand and Austria. It is a fresh, fruity wine, with hints of strawberry, cherry and plum. It is best paired with Japanese food, chicken, salmon and lamb.

Basic Rules

Here are some rules about wine.

1.    Temperature

Appropriate Wine Temperature


Type Of Wine




42 to 54

6 to 10


48 to 54

9 to 12


48 to 58

9 to 14


57 to 68

13 to 20

Fortified (Port)

57 to 68

13 to 20

Sherry (Dark)

57 to 68

13 to 20

2.    Uncorking

Red wines should be uncorked an hour before consumption to give it time to breath.

White wines should be uncorked right before consumption.

3.    Decanting

Because of the chemical reaction that happens when the bottle of red wine has been uncorked it is import to decant it. It just gives it more room to breath. Oddly enough it can change the flavor of the wine. Decanting is a personal preference.

4.    Wine Pouring

When pouring a sparkling wine, be sure to pour it down the side of the glass to protect the bubbles. If your wine is still, pour into the middle of the glass.

5.    Use the Right Glass

White wine- Use a narrow and thin glass.

Red wine- Use a large bowl.

Champagne- Use a flute or dessert wine glass.

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