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Cellar and Loft Clubs

Become a member of the Cellar and Loft family

A club membership at Cellar and Loft is not a one size fits all wine club. At Cellar and Loft, we strive to create memberships that offer you exactly what you are looking for in a wine club.

Because we know that your wine tastes may be varied and your interests may be broad, Cellar and Loft has created a wide range of memberships to meet your specific needs. Choose from 3 different memberships.

Value Club includes 2 bottles of wine per month for $32.99.

  • You choose from
    • 2 red
    • 2 white
    • 2 sweet
    • Or a combination of red and white, red and sweet, or white and sweet
  • Fine Wine Club includes 1 bottle of wine per month for $32.99

    • You choose from
      • 1 red
      • 1 white
      • 1 sweet
      • Or a split of 70/30 red and white or 50/50 red and white

    Premium Wine Club include of wine per month for $70 to $120

    • You choose from red or white

    Every membership includes:

    • Personalized delivery to your doorstep or workplace
    • Subscription to our email newsletter - featuring news of special events, recipes, special deals and more
    • Wine Tastings every Friday & Saturday Night
    • 15% discount on all in-store merchandise
    • Monthly special case deals
    • Set up for free wine tastings in Napa Valley
    • Napa Valley give-a-ways with free stays at select vineyard

    At Cellar and Loft, we know not everyone lives by wine alone. That's why we offer other club options.

    • Beer Club
    • Alternate Wine and Beer Club
    • Champagne Club
    • Scotch Club
    • Rum Club
    • Tequila Club
    • Add-on clubs - (members only)
    • Locker Club
    • Gourmet Coffee Club
    • Specialty Foods Club
    • Cheese Club
    • Chocolate Club - featuring Christopher Elbow Chocolates

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